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About Us


In 2020, Five Star Breaktime Solutions purchased a coffee company with a rich, 60-year history of roasting small-batch, artisan gourmet coffee. We embarked on a journey to take the best of this craft coffee company's expertise and breathe life into it through vibrant colors and a fresh new look. However, the most exciting result of our work is the expanded portfolio of higher-quality coffees that we are now bringing to all of our customers. 


We are excited for you and your associates to enjoy a cup of Conti Coffee™!

Our Coffee Company

About our Products 

Our goal all along has been to provide a superior away-from-home coffee experience that will exceed the expectations of taking a break wherever people live, work, and play.

Today, Conti Coffee™ delivers our customers an elevated take on our classic blends while introducing new premium roast profiles aimed at delighting even the most discerning modern coffee enthusiasts.

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Coffee Beans
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