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Premium, Single-Origin Coffee 
conti cares - light roast2.png


This Roast is one of the world's finest origin coffees roasted to a light profile. A smooth body with a slight sign of fruity acidity finish. 

conti cares - medium2.png

Fair Trade

Fair Trade roast is a wonderful coffee from the hills of Peru that is roasted to a medium to-dark blend. A rich body with balanced acidity. 

conti cares - dark roast2.png

Bold Dark Roast

A strong bold roast, but yet a smooth dark chocolate taste without that lingering bitterness. The perfect dark roast coffee. 

More great flavors of our Conti Coffee™ line, but when buying a Conti Cares blend, portions of those proceeds are donated to our non-profit organization Feeding the Future. This organization is fighting to end childhood hunger. 

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