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Light roast - donut2.png

Donut Shop

This roast is smooth, with a mellow taste of lightly roasted 100% Arabica beans.

light roast - breakfast2.png

Breakfast Blend

The Breakfast Blend is made from the finest beans from Central and South America in a hearty wake-me-up blend. 

Light roast - decaf2.png

Breakfast Blend - Decaf

This blend is made from the finest beans from Central and South America in a hearty wake-me-up blend but without caffeine. 


medium roast - columbian2.png

Colombian Blend

This roast is a smooth, full-bodied blend. It has a rich aroma; mild acidity and a full-bodied flavor are its signatures. 

Medium - Gourmet2.png

Gourmet Blend

This roast is a nice well-balanced medium-to-dark roast blend. It has a smooth rich taste profile and a nice long finish. 

medium roast - city2.png

City Roast

City Roast is a roasted medium brown for a full-bodied flavor and a smooth clean finish. This classic blend is appropriate for any time of day. 


dark roast-signature2.png

Signature Dark

This Dark roast is the lightest and mildest dark roast and makes an aromatic and appealing coffee. The roast is so versatile it can be used for drip brewing or as an espresso

dark roast - french2.png

French Roast

This French Roast is a rich aromatic coffee with a smooth flavor that is ideal for the dark roast coffee drinker. 


conti cares - light roast2.png


This Roast is one of the world's finest origin coffees roasted to a light profile. A smooth body with a slight sign of fruity acidity finish. 

conti cares - medium2.png

Fair Trade

Fair Trade roast is a wonderful coffee from the hills of Peru that is roasted to a medium-to-dark blend. A rich body with balanced acidity. 

conti cares - dark roast2.png

Bold Dark Roast

A strong bold roast, but yet a smooth dark chocolate taste without that lingering bitterness. The perfect dark roast coffee. 

More great flavors of our Conti Coffee line, but when buying a Conti Cares™ blend, portions of those proceeds are donated to our non-profit organization Feeding the Future. This organization is fighting to end childhood hunger. 

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